[Dovecot] Delete antispam emails

David Reid david at jetnet.co.uk
Sat Apr 19 14:17:48 EEST 2008

Johannes Berg wrote:
>> Anyways, this is what I see with your patch (date/time stamp truncated
>> to allow the details to be on a single line)...
>> ... map: antispam: mail copy: from trash: 0, to trash: 0
>> ... map: antispam: mail copy: src spam: 1, dst spam: 0, src unsure: 0
>> So, it looks as though my trash detection is broken. I guess I need to
>> look at the mailbox_is_trash() function next? Can you suggest a patch to
>> debug that?
> Hmm. Odd. Let's try this. Are you using namespaces?

I needed to add an additional entry to the list of trash folders,
INBOX.Trash, and then all was fine. IMAP folder names and hierachy do
confuse me a bit at times. Thanks for your help and apologies for the noise.

BTW, your debugging patch was really helpful, so maybe it could be added
with a conditional? If I code it up, would you be interested?


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