[Dovecot] building a simple antispam plugin

Stephen Usher Stephen.Usher at earth.ox.ac.uk
Mon Apr 21 12:00:07 EEST 2008

Surely spam filtering/rejection should be done by the MTA, preferably during the
SMTP protocol conversation so as to prevent the black-holing of legitimate 
e-mails (i.e. the sender doesn't know it's not been delivered) and the 
prevention of joe-job collateral spamming?

It should also be noted that, at least in the UK, the act of an MTA at the final 
delivery mail server accepting an e-mail means that it's legally been received. 
Hence, any legal document which the MTA accepts has been deemed to have been 
legally served even if no human ever reads it.

Please be careful, e-mail administration can be a legal minefield!

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