[Dovecot] antispam plugin ehancement

ML ml at sd2i.com
Mon Apr 21 13:18:54 EEST 2008

I'm not a developper so I can't do it by myself, but I wonder if it  
could be possible to use tagSpam and tagNospam DSPAM feature to ehance  
user's dspam lerning experience. I even don't know if this must be  
done by DSPAM itself or by dovecot, but let me explain :

The feature would be done by a signature replacement into tagSpam and  
tagNospam text, so the user would simply have to click on the link at  
end of the mail to learn DSPAM :

# dspam.conf
tagSpam on
tagNonspam on

# msgtag.spam
If this message was classified SPAM by mistake, please click here : http://example.com/dspam-retrain.cgi?sig= 

# msgtag.nonspam
If this message should have been classified SPAM, please click here : http://example.com/dspam-retrain.cgi?sig= 

I think a click is easier and faster than a forward, what do you think  
of such an implementation ?


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