[Dovecot] Feature Request - starting dovecot, config file behavior

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Mon Apr 21 20:15:27 EEST 2008

on 4-18-2008 3:43 AM Charles Marcus spake the following:
> Hey Timo,
> I was wondering how much trouble it would be to again emulate the way 
> postfix does something - in this case, the way it reads its config file 
> when starting up.
> Current behavior:
> Postfix:
> If postfix encounters the same setting defined more than once, the last 
> one wins.
> Dovecot:
> If dovecot encounters the same setting defined more than once it gives 
> an error (also when using the 'dovecot -n' command).
> I like to add all of my changes to the very bottom of the config file, 
> but otherwise leave the config file as is... this makes it very easy 
> when updating - I can easily keep all of the new default config file, 
> and simply merge my customizations at the end.
> So - how hard would it be to make dovecot simply accept the last defined 
> setting read, instead of refusing to start?
> Thanks much, and glad to have you back in action!
That seems like a major change in function. To some admins it would be like 
suddenly having to drive your car from the other side. Maybe Timo will see it 
your way, but maybe not. And anything else that is parsing the config file 
might also get confused, like someones custom web frontend to config files.

If this major a change was added, it might be better to add it to the 2.0 tree.

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