[Dovecot] Moving Maildir email messages and backing things up.

Karl Schmidt karl at xtronics.com
Tue Apr 22 01:32:54 EEST 2008

mouss wrote:
> Karl Schmidt wrote:
>> mouss wrote:
>>>> karl wrote:
>>>> What would happen if I ran a script that did this:
>>>> mv ~/Maildir/.folder_one/cur/* ~/Maildir/.folder_two/cur/
>>>> My hunch is it might break things.
>>> shouldn't break anything. if the MUA is caching "actions" (happens 
>>> with thunderbird at least), then the view in the client will be 
>>> different but this is not a big problem (at least for me).
>> So on the server I could run something simple like:
>> #!/bin/bash
>> bogofilter  -Ns  -B /home/karl/Maildir/.s-2B-scaned_spam
>> mv ~/Maildir/.s-2B-scaned_spam/cur/* ~/Maildir/.archived_spam/cur/
> you'd better use an "axuiliary" directory:
> mv $dir/.Junk.Trash/cur/* $dir/.Junk.Trash/todo/
> $learn_spam $dir/.Junk.Trash/todo/  && mv $dir/.Junk.Trash/todo/* 
> $dir/.Corpus.junk/cur/

?? not sure I understand your point?? I'm not changing any message - just scanning 
(bogofilter  -Ns  -B ~/Maildir/.s-2B-scaned_spam just reads the files in 
~/Maildir/.s-2B-scaned_spam/cur.  I (and many others) have this part tested and working. ( 
bogofilter adds the header as part of the MTA work before local delivery in my setup).

But, it would be nice if I could move the messages with the same script.

I ran a test - with thunderbird set to an open follder  - I did a move - Thunderbird 
instantly saw the move and everything just worked. BUT!--I'm not comfortable putting this in 
production until I know what is going on inside dovecot during this operation. It would be 
really helpful to know what all the index files were about etc..

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