[Dovecot] Windows Mobile and IMAP proxy

Onno Molenkamp onno at flox.org
Tue Apr 22 12:24:03 EEST 2008


We are running Dovecot proxies in front of our Dovecot IMAP servers, and were 
having problems with Windows Mobile clients not being able to connect. The 
clients would send a LOGIN command, and immediately after the succes reply a 
LOGOUT command.

It turns out the Windows Mobile IMAP client gets confused by the IMAP proxy 
first sending the command tag in the reply and then, in a seperate packet, the 
rest of the line. Although not being able to handle this looks like a very bad 
design to me (how can one ever expect to read a full line in a single read() 
call?) I fixed it in our Dovecot proxies because we do have clients that want 
to use it.

Attached is my fix for the problem.

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