[Dovecot] Public Namespace + ACLs + virtual users

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Wed Apr 23 07:23:33 EEST 2008


I'd just like to share my experience with public namespace and ACLs.

I know this has been discussed a number of times in the past, but there
were no definite answers.

dovecot version i'm using: 1.0.13

Got a public namespace setup in dovecot.conf as follows:

namespace public {
   separator = .
   prefix = Public_Folders.
   location = maildir:/home/vmail/domains/%
   hidden = no

In it's own right this works just fine and it's been in use for some
time now. But we need some control over who can access and delete

So I had a go at configuring ACLs. I configured global ACLs, because as
far as I can tell, per directory ACLs seem to be ignored.

Once configured global ACLs work fine, except for 1 major issue; 
users cannot create new folders because ACLs do not get propagated (are
not applied to the subfolders).
If an user attempts to create a new (sub)folder, the folder is created
on the filesystem however email client throws an error and the folder is
inaccessible to the user as there is no ACL for it.

Any pointers how to get around this?

Has this been dealt with in v1.1?

Natko Muzina

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