[Dovecot] sieve doesn't sift yet

mouss mouss at netoyen.net
Sun Apr 27 03:47:18 EEST 2008

Colin Brace wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am having difficulty getting sieve working. I created a simple set of
> rules which I've validated on the sieve-php page at SF. I placed this file,
> .dovecot.sieve, in the root of my maildir, which I understand is the
> default location. 

what is the root of a maildir? it is often better to give examples 
instead of (ambiguous) descriptions. I guess you mean the maildir 
itself. the expected location is the "home" directory of the user. so if 
the maildir is the same as the home dir, that's the right place (except 
that it is recommended to make the maildir a sub directory of the home 
dir, so that files such as the sieve script are not mixed with folders).

Note that you need to deliver with "dovecot deliver" (postfix does not 
do sieve) and you need to enable sieve in your configuration (see the 
wiki for more).

> I also created a logfile in /var/log, but nothing has
> gotten written to it yet. Here is my configuration:
> $ sudo dovecot -n
> # 1.0.13: /usr/local/etc/dovecot.conf
> base_dir: /var/run/dovecot/
> log_path: /var/log/dovecot
> info_log_path: /var/log/dovecot.info
> ssl_disable: yes
> disable_plaintext_auth: no
> login_dir: /var/run/dovecot/login
> login_executable: /usr/local/libexec/dovecot/imap-login
> verbose_proctitle: yes
> first_valid_gid: 0
> mail_access_groups: mail
> mail_location: maildir:/var/spool/vmail/%n
> mail_debug: yes
> pop3_uidl_format: %08Xu%08Xv
> auth default:
>   verbose: yes
>   passdb:
>     driver: passwd-file
>     args: /usr/local/etc/dovecot-passwd
>   userdb:
>     driver: passwd
>   userdb:
>     driver: static
>     args: uid=vmail gid=vmail home=/var/spool/vmail/%n
> What piece of the puzzle am I still missing?
> Running dovecot-sieve-1.0.2, postfix, etc under FreeBSD v7.

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