[Dovecot] deliver: handling of quota_full_tempfail and -e

Johannes Berg johannes at sipsolutions.net
Wed Apr 30 18:53:37 EEST 2008

> The lines in question (in src/deliver/deliver.c) read:
> | 1003  if (error != MAIL_ERROR_NOSPACE ||
> | 1004      getenv("QUOTA_FULL_TEMPFAIL") != NULL) {
> Does this mean that the corresponding block gets executed whenever
> quota_full_tempfail is set?

No, the corresponding code is executed whenever the error is not "out of
space" or, when the error *is* NOSPACE, return tempfail when quota is

Hence, what happens is that any error other than "out of space" gives
TEMPFAIL and when quota-full-tempfail is set "out of space" also gives

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