[Dovecot] Quota warning not working

Kari Suomela (DC) dovecot at karico.ca
Tue Dec 2 14:24:10 EET 2008

On 01/12/2008 22:51 Timo Sirainen wrote:
>>> The quota warning is triggered at the exact moment when saving a mail
>>> brings the quota over the warning threshold. It doesn't keep any track
>>> of when warnings have been sent, so simply reducing the quota doesn't
>>> trigger it.
>> Hmmm... Is there any way to test it?
> Not any other way than triggering it like I explained above. You could
> change quota warning limit or quota limit and then send a large enough
> mail that brings the quota usage over the warning limit (or simply send
> many huge mails that quickly bring usage over the warning limit).
That is exactly what I did, and it works fine.

Hyvää loppuvuotta ja ... joulua!;)


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