[Dovecot] !

Udo Rader listudo at bestsolution.at
Sat Dec 6 20:24:28 EET 2008

Seth Mattinen schrieb:
>>>> Solved it myself, adding changing to "auth_verbose = yes" in 
>>>> dovecot.conf solved it.
>>>> Any reasons why this isn't enabled by default?
>>> Because it's a debugging switch.
>> hmm, that's weird then.
>> Without turning on this "debugging switch" (LDAP) authentication 
>> failures are not logged, so that's a pretty essential functionality 
>> missing then.
> You're also running an old version. For me with 1.1.2, "dovecot: 
> imap-login: Aborted login (auth failed, 0 attempts): rip=x.x.x.x, 
> lip=x.x.x.x" is fine. If you want lots of details, turn on debugging.

Yes, that is certainly the case. It is 1.0.15 from debian unstable.

Udo Rader, CTO

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