[Dovecot] freebsd 7, panics - kqueue?

mike-maillist at nux.co.uk mike-maillist at nux.co.uk
Fri Dec 12 16:54:00 EET 2008

>> i am tempted to simply disable kqueue in dovecot but am not sure
>> on the performance penalties.
>kqueue is used for two things:
>1) As regular ioloop, replacing select/poll. Not using kqueue here  
>shouldn't make pretty much any performance difference.
>2) As file notifier. When IMAP client starts IDLE command, kqueue  
>notifies Dovecot immediately when new files are added to maildir.  
>Disabling kqueue here doesn't make the performance worse, but it  
>causes delays when notifying client about new mails (0 sec -> max. 30  
>sec by default - configurable).
>> 0xc04c4c4d is in knlist_remove_kq (/usr/src/sys/kern/kern_event.c: 
>> 1615).
>I don't know much about FreeBSD kernel either, but yes that does look  
>like kqueue code.

Thanks so much for such a quick reply, will recompile now without kqueue
as i dont think the 30sec delay in incomming mail is an issue at all,


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