[Dovecot] OT: Looking for a robust IMAP client

Steffen Kaiser skdovecot at smail.inf.fh-brs.de
Tue Dec 16 10:38:23 EET 2008

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On Mon, 15 Dec 2008, Stewart Dean wrote:

> telling me there were still 135,000 messages.  In the end, I had to kill the 
> TBird profile for that account and recreate it.

Yeah, the first and only time I opened the Postmaster mailbox with 
Thunderbird, it nearly rendered a Dual Core2 useless. Putting strace on it 
revealed, that Tbird was working with its message cache endlessly. I 
really waited till it finished, but to delete anything was even worse. The 
internal cache file is not designed for that many mails, I guess.

> Is there a simple robust IMAP client to replace Pine (which I *think* is no 
> longer supported)?  GUI or TTY session?

:-) Yes, I never read Postmaster's mail box with Thunderbird.

Pine has been replaced by Alpine, as others pointing out and works 
unproblematicly with Dovecot, regardless of how many mails there are, as 
long as Dovecot keeps up.

Mutt works, too. Although I don't like the input chars (same old vi vs. 
emacs adiction), it is far better than pine when running on the Maildir 
natively bypassing IMAP. After training, mutt should be more powerful than 

Both Mutt and Pine are superior in these emergency situations, because 
they do not cache the mail info locally, before they prompt the user. I 
guess, you can use any other client doing the same.

> I'm wondering if there is something we can tell users to use when Things Are 
> Dire.  GUI would be better since it removes one of the few remaining reasons 
> for a logon server

Well, the combination of mutt and server logon will work for any desaster 
case IMO.


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