[Dovecot] SSL certs per listen IP

Darren Pilgrim list_dovecot at bluerosetech.com
Sun Dec 21 00:47:45 EET 2008

Ian P. Christian wrote:
> I'd like to host multiple domains though a central dovecot proxy -
> however, I need to present different certs to different hostnames
> (which are on different IPs).
> I can't see a way to this in the documentation, is it possible?

You can't do this with a single instance, but you can run parallel 
instances of dovecot on the same machine.  Create a second 
dovecot_mumble.conf with the alternate config and start the second 
instance with -c /path/to/dovecot_mumble.conf.  Each instance needs its 
own .conf (they can share sql/ldap config files), base_dir and auth 

I run multi-instance setups in production--it makes it possible to take 
down the imap service without breaking postfix since postfix smtpd will 
have fatal startup errors unless dovecot is running.

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