[Dovecot] Using sork-passwd from Horde to change dovecot password

Eduardo M KALINOWSKI eduardo at kalinowski.com.br
Thu Jun 19 21:02:41 EEST 2008

    I'm using in my server dovecot and Horde to provide IMAP and Webmail 
for virtual users. Their password are stored in a passwd file, since the 
setup is quite simple and small. I'd like to use the Horde module 
sork-passwd to allow changing of the passwords. Apparently, this can be 
done for the case of passwd file by using an expect script, or simply 
calling a program that receives the data.

    It should not be hard to write a Perl (or Python, or whatever) 
script that does that. I'm just asking if someone has already done that 
and is willing to share the solution.

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