[Dovecot] v1.1.0 released

Nicolas Letellier nicolas at nicoelro.net
Sat Jun 21 10:43:21 EEST 2008

On Sat, 21 Jun 2008 04:46:37 +0300
Timo Sirainen <tss at iki.fi> wrote:

> http://dovecot.org/releases/1.1/dovecot-1.1.0.tar.gz
> http://dovecot.org/releases/1.1/dovecot-1.1.0.tar.gz.sig
> Two hours later than promised, I slept longer than intended. :)
> No changes since v1.1.rc13. Below are the largest changes since v1.0:
> 	* After Dovecot v1.1 has modified index or dovecot-uidlist files,
> 	  they can't be opened anymore with Dovecot versions earlier than
> 	  v1.0.2.
> 	* See doc/wiki/Upgrading.1.1.txt (or for latest changes,
> 	  http://wiki.dovecot.org/Upgrading/1.1) for list of changes since
> 	  v1.0 that you should be aware of when upgrading.
> 	+ IMAP: Added support for UIDPLUS and LIST-EXTENDED extensions.
> 	+ IMAP SORT: Sort keys are indexed, which makes SORT commands faster.
> 	+ When saving messages, update cache file immediately with the data
> 	  that we expect client to fetch later.
> 	+ NFS caches are are flushed whenever needed. See mail_nfs_storage and
> 	  mail_nfs_index settings.
> 	+ Out of order command execution (SEARCH, FETCH, LIST), nonstandard
> 	  command cancellation (X-CANCEL <tag>)
> 	+ IMAP: STATUS-IN-LIST draft implementation
> 	+ Expire plugin can be used to keep track of oldest messages in
> 	  specific mailboxes. A nightly run can then quickly expunge old
> 	  messages from the mailboxes that have them. The tracking is done
> 	  using lib-dict, so you can use either Berkeley DB or SQL database.
> 	+ Namespaces are supported everywhere now.
> 	+ Namespaces have new list and subscriptions settings.
> 	+ Full text search indexing support with Lucene and Squat backends.
> 	+ OTP and S/KEY authentication mechanisms (by Andrey Panin).
> 	+ mbox and Maildir works with both Maildir++ and FS layouts. You can
> 	  change these by appending :LAYOUT=maildir++ or :LAYOUT=fs to
> 	  mail_location.
> 	+ LDAP: Support templates in pass_attrs and user_attrs
> 	+ Support for listening in multiple IPs/ports.
> 	+ Quota plugin rewrite: Support for multiple quota roots, warnings,
> 	  allow giving storage size in bytes or kilo/mega/giga/terabytes,
> 	  per-mailbox quota rules.
> 	+ Filesystem quota backend supports inode limits, group quota and
> 	  RPC quota for NFS.
> 	+ SEARCH and SORT finally compare non-ASCII characters
> 	  case-insensitively. We use i;unicode-casemap algorithm.
> 	+ Config files support splitting values to multiple lines with \
Congratulations! I'm waiting for the FreeBSD port before test and use the 1.1 version :-)


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