[Dovecot] Feature request

Ruud Boon ruud at t-boonproductions.nl
Fri Mar 28 12:40:45 EET 2008


I hope I'm using the right mailing for a feature request. I'm using 
dovecot on my server for a year now and I'm very happy
with it. Its extremely stable and fast.
Ok what is my situation why I'm asking a feature..

Users are retrieving mail using pop3 over the external ip address.
When the user connects to there webmail. The webmail client 
(Squirrelmail) is using imap on the localhost.
I would like to give some users the option to use imap over the external 
ip, I want to set option in my MySql backend configuration.
As far as I know there isn't a possible solution on dovecot right now 
that's why I  hope you can build a extra config parameter that
gives me the possibility to allow users to retrieve email by imap by ip. 
So all users can do an imap request on  localhost (for webmail) and some 
user are allowed to do an imap request over the external ip.

I hope that my request is clear and I'm posting in the right group.

With regards,

Ruud Boon

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