[Dovecot] managesieve : unable to authenticate with cram-md5

Stephan Bosch stephan at rename-it.nl
Fri Dec 25 18:15:00 EET 2009

Stephan Bosch wrote:
> Arnaud wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Seem i switch my dovecot authentification to cram-md5 mecanism, i'am 
>> unable to authenticate to managesieve login.
>> log:
>> Dec 16 23:50:16 managesieve-login: Info: Disconnected (disconnected 
>> while authenticating): method=CRAM-MD5, rip=, 
>> lip=
>> All works fine with plain authentification and managesieve. Perhaps 
>> someone have a workaround. I use thunderbird version as MUA.
>> Thanks for reading !
> I'll give this a look in a few days. It may be caused by your client, 
> but it may just as well be a Pigeonhole bug. I first need to reproduce 
> this myself.
Ok, Pascal Volk investigated this matter and found a bug in the 
Thunderbird Sieve plugin. The author is notified.



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