[Dovecot] system & virtual setup

Jim Pazarena dovecot at ccstores.com
Sat Mar 7 05:37:03 EET 2009

No one replied to my original email, and I was hoping if I re-phrase my question
I can get an answer.

I would like dovecot to provide system email
(located at /mail/%u with system password and /home/%u)
and also virtual email
(/u/mail/VIRTUAL/%d/%u with password found at /u/exim/etc/VIRTUAL/%d/passwd).
NO home space, but I would consider /home/%d/%u

This I think has something to do with namespace, but the docs are too vague for
me to understand. Can anyone help me out?
I would very much appreciate it.
I would even consider PAYING someone to set me straight.

I am looking to migrate away from vm-pop3d. initially with POP3 and ultimately into IMAP.


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