[Dovecot] Random timeouts on mailboxes

Bastien Semene bsemene at cyanide-studio.com
Tue Mar 10 15:57:27 EET 2009


I tracked the processes number and it was very close to the limit, I 
read your link and think it is the solution to my problem.
I modified the config to fit our needs. No problem yesterday and today, 
it is rare but happened so I can't be affirmative, therefore the number 
of processes reaches the previous limit today.
I'll give some feedback to the list if the problem is still here.

Thank you Andreas for the idea but TB is installed locally and I think 
Steffen's answer is the good one. It fits perfectly with the symptoms.

Steffen Kaiser a écrit :
> Hash: SHA1
> On Mon, 9 Mar 2009, Bastien Semene wrote:
> Hello,
> what's your setting for login_max_processes_count and assoc. settings? 
> They also do apply to SSL connections, see:
> http://wiki.dovecot.org/LoginProcess?highlight=%28login_max_processes_count%29%7C%28SSL%29 
> I encounter such problem in v1.0x, when the count of connections reach 
> the limit. I made a log displaying the number of imap processes owned 
> by non-root users and the number of used file descriptors of the 
> dovecot process. When I get hit by the connection refusal problem, the 
> number of file descriptors does not lower over night, when the user 
> count decreases.
> Bye,
> - -- Steffen Kaiser
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> Fcz3S49EDaleqTq+RJTMqleXBYPk3b6AgEY5trldvf2W/nAH9aZNXgh+hKKZ5a6h
> xnvJlGwEQ2jCiVAXAbLHdeFxu+ayFYOotB50V35FoDOsDjbqINL8rByh6BPFVLlE
> k7A9VlqiXA9WP7VdnNohQZrcAOfcauEzAbl34mD+K5vdF3H5WVANZNFkB6JsYrvo
> wUmybZk/LcpXP5oPsysqfKpY38SAeO8D7HfO7DtkyxAe+Mau2vOqya/Aq8RG6dDF
> rvZ4mIO0fSTaHxKKTzn9MtFJwgPa1jn+xw4HE9r6IXci0Gn54/TpQw==
> =sxr6

Bastien Semene
Administrateur Réseau & Système

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