[Dovecot] Extremely custom mailbox locations

Steve Kemp steve at steve.org.uk
Thu Mar 12 22:07:10 EET 2009

  I'm in the position where I'd like to offer IMAP access
 to a collection of email accounts which are stored in
 a very odd manner.

  Files are stored as:


  For example:


  There is a single file for each mail, which I guess technically
 probably counts as an mbox folder, but only just.

  I can handle the custom login requirements I have, but I see
 no obvious way to create a mailstore from this information unless
 I build up a parallel symlink farm, such as:

    /imap/cvsrepository.org/{new cur tmp}

  I suspect if I fill cur/ with symlinks to each of the individual
 messages things will mostly work out OK, but I wonder if that is
 the best solution, or if there is a slim chance that I could serve
 this hierarchy without the intermediate step?

Debian GNU/Linux System Administration

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