[Dovecot] [Dovecot 1.1.11] Dovecot cannot refresh the maildirsize

Thu NGUYEN ntathu at tma.com.vn
Mon Mar 16 18:57:58 EET 2009

I'm sorry! I didn't intend to merge in this message. 

I'm using sendmail and the MDA is procmail. Is that supported the
maildirsize update or I should set up the dovecot's deliver?


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On Mar 16, 2009, at 4:03 AM, Thu NGUYEN wrote:

> My problem is below:
> - quota for user "Demo" is 3MB and Demo maildir is now 2.2MB
> - then I sent an email with attachment (600KB) to demo@

This is where the maildirsize should be updated. What do you use as  
your MDA? Not Dovecot's deliver I suppose? You need to be using an MDA  
that supports maildirsize updates, preferrably deliver.

BTW. Please don't post new mails by replying to an existing one. It  
messes up threading.

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