[Dovecot] Errors on mbox to Maildir conversion

Phill Edwards philledwards at gmail.com
Tue Mar 17 14:21:18 EET 2009

I have Julian Fitzell's migrateuser.sh script which uses mb2md-3.20.pl
to convert a mailbox in mbox format to Maildir.

I have set up a test user called "mailtest" which has mail as follows:

        Sent Items

After the conversion I want all this user's mail to be in

I'm not quite sure how to run the migrateuser.sh script, but I think
it's like this (run as user mailtest):
$ /usr/local/bin/mb2md/migrateuser.sh mailtest /home/mailtest

When I run this I get the following output:
mailtest -- Migrating INBOX... Converting /var/mail/mailtest to
maildir: /home/mailtest/Maildir.mdwork.1237291760
Source Mbox is /var/mail/mailtest
Target Maildir is /home/mailtest/Maildir.mdwork.1237291760
Created UID list: /home/mailtest/Maildir.mdwork.1237291760/dovecot-uidlist
3 messages.

warning: Can't open /home/mailtest/Maildir.mdwork.1237291760: not a
selectable mailbox
[ERROR] (mismatch during post compare)
mailtest -- 0 new message(s) (), 3 total
mailtest --

That bit about "not a selectable mailbox" seems to be the problem. Any
idea what I'm doing wrong here?


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