[Dovecot] update of current quota usage

floss at pBartels.info floss at pBartels.info
Fri Mar 20 12:43:11 EET 2009


I use Dovecot 1.1.11 and store the current quota usage in a Database.

As far I can see it, the quota usage is updated each time dovecot  
performs an action on a mail.

For example if a new mail is stored in the inbox, the current quota  
usage is increased. If a mail is deleted the quota usage is decreased.

If there are still existing E-Mails in the inbox, before quota is  
turned on or if I perfom changes on the "mail storage" myself (for  
example purging trash or spam, or something) the current quota usage  
is NOT updated automatically by dovecot.

For example I copy some mailboxes to my server, then the current quota  
for this mailboxes is still zero.

Is it correct that dovecot can't do this for me?

If yes, it seems I have to write my own (simple) update script and run  
it sometimes croned (because I don't really trust the actual quota  
implementation) and/or I have to update the current quota usage each  
time I perform actions myself.

This "workaround" is easy by using a DB storage, but what about other  
Wouldn't it be nice if dovecot could do this or provide a tool for it?

Thank you!

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