[Dovecot] update of current quota usage

floss at pBartels.info floss at pBartels.info
Fri Mar 20 20:10:10 EET 2009

Timo Sirainen <tss at iki.fi> wrote:

> On Fri, 2009-03-20 at 18:47 +0100, floss at pBartels.info wrote:
>> > Yes. It's too much work for Dovecot to try to figure out all the
>> > different things you might be doing under it. You can anyway easily make
>> > Dovecot recalculate the quota: delete the user's quota usage row from
>> > the database.
>> >
>> >
>> Well, thats a very simple solution. Also for my example. If I copy
>> some mailboxes to the server I just remove the quota usage row and
>> dovecot recalculates it. I can do this too, if I remove some spam
>> messages or purge the trash...
> If you removed spam messages and purged trash via IMAP you wouldn't have
> to worry about updating quota.

I mean if you do this directly on the server using a "croned" script.

>> What did you mean with too much work?
> I mean that currently quota is updated only while changes are actually
> done. To be able to figure out when mailbox changes were done outside
> Dovecot it would need to keep some kind of state which
> messages/mailboxes were added to quota and which weren't. Index files
> help somewhat in implementing that, but it's still a lot of extra code.

Yes as I see it quota usage is only done if something is done via  
IMAP, or perhaps if you fetch mail via POP?! (not tested). And then it  
is not recalculated, it's just updated like if you remove a file the  
quota is decreased of filesize, etc.

That's ok if you're only using IMAP and if you can trust that all works fine.

But there is also the behavior that dovecot calculates the usage if  
its not yet set and that is useful. I think the best solution for me  
is just to remove the row after I made some changes in the mailbox and  
then dovecot will recalc. the quota usage at the next action, like  
reciving a mail...

So you just have to know that you have to remove the quota usage  
informations after you did something in the mailbox and then dovecot  
recalculates it for you.

(I thought I must write a script that summarizes the usage and update  
the database...)

Thank you

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