[Dovecot] Slightly OT : Maildir format (silly) questions

Thomas Hummel hummel at pasteur.fr
Thu Mar 26 11:47:35 EET 2009


I was asking what was the motivation for not having the envelope From in the
Maildir format, as defined in the qmail spec :

"The message is delivered without an extra UUCP-
 style From_ line, without any >From quoting, and without an
 extra blank line at the end."

which may sound silly since we lose an important piece of information.

Same question about the motivation in Courrier (Maildir++)  for emulating a
hierarchy for subfolders (like in .folder.subfolder.subsubfolder) instead of
(note : I know about layout=FS, I'm not talking about that) implementing a real
filesystem hierarchy.

I understand dovecot kept those for compatibility reasons but I'd like to know
what was the authors of thoses specs thinking when deciding this.


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