[Dovecot] mailutil?

Asbjørn Sannes ace at sannes.org
Thu Mar 26 16:49:46 EET 2009

Timo Sirainen wrote:
> dbox format needs at least two tools:
> 1. Expunging only marks the message having refcount=0. The actual disk
> space is freed only after calling a tool pointing to the user's dbox
> dir.
> 2. Ability to force index resync/rebuild in case it doesn't figure out
> itself that there's something wrong.
> I'm starting to think about building a more generic mailutil tool, maybe
> something similar to what UW-IMAP has. So two questions:
>  - What should the tool be called? Probably not mailutil to avoid
> confusion. doveutil? dovemail? dovetool? mailtool?
>  - Is there any functionality you'd like it to do?
Sounds like dbox is what the tool is mainly used for, I know dbox format
is only used by dovecot, but still:

1: dboxclean or dboxexpunge
2: dboxrebuild/dboxresync/dboxrepair


Asbjørn Sannes

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