[Dovecot] Common "sasl master" [Was: sendmail with dovecot sasl]

Mario Pavlov freebsd at abv.bg
Sat Mar 28 14:36:14 EET 2009

so sendmail can use only cyrus-sasl ?
ok, thank you

 >Mario Pavlov  wrote:
 >> I was wondering if I can make sendmail use dovecot's SASL
 >> implementation...maybe I should somehow compile it against dovecot's
 >> SASL ? My idea is to make sendmail and dovecot authenticate against
 >> one central user/password repository. Is this possible ?
 >> thank you.
 >> P.S. I want to use virtual users
 >Sendmail uses cyrus-sasl (only?).
 >You can make cyrus-sasl and dovecot-sasl use "common master" 
 >e.g. LDAP or PAM.
 >"LDAP centric" approach is a standard recommendation if you plan multi
 >server mail system with multiple "mailbox servers"/"filtering gateways".
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