[Dovecot] [Help] How get the complete CAPABILITY list?

tao.6.yang at nokia.com tao.6.yang at nokia.com
Mon Mar 30 11:38:04 EEST 2009

I think you are referring to the list returned by CAPABILITY command to be seen as the list of CAPABILITIES AFTER usr1 login.
To my surprise, the PLAIN are supported for a email user account even if it is not listed, but PLAIN is natually supported 
if you don't specify "use secure authentication" at your email client.

However, there can be the following error for specific user created, like this when doing the connection from email client to Dovecot Email server
It's like the following in the log of Email server log,

imap(user1): stat(/home/user1/Maildir/cur) failed: Permission denied

However, when creating user1 and related  Maildir, it is given 766 access right already like the following, 
sudo cp -r /etc/skel/Maildir /home/myuser/
sudo chown -R myuser:usergroup /home/myuser/Maildir
sudo chmod -R 700 /home/myuser/Maildir

so what's the problem? Why do I still get a Permission denied?


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Whatever is returned by the CAPABILITY command.  I guess I am not  
understanding your question.

When in an unauthenticated state, the server doesn't need to broadcast  
the capabilities of commands/features that the client *can't* use yet.  
  i.e. knowing the server supports UIDPLUS at the authentication stage  
is pointless.  Same thing after authenticating - the client could care  
less what authentication options are available after logged in.

RFC 3501 states that the list of capabilities can change after the  
STARTTLS or AUTHENTICATE/LOGIN commands are successful.  Thus, the  
only way to ensure that you have the correct list of capabilities is  
to re-issue the command after each of these events, although recent  
IMAP servers (i.e. Dovecot 1.2) will automatically list capabilities  
in the response codes after these events so that the client doesn't  
need to send an explicit CAPABILITY command.  I believe this behavior  
is suggested in the Lemonade profile.


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