[Dovecot] plugin Again

Alex Baule alexwbaule at gmail.com
Wed Mar 3 21:30:45 EET 2010


Someone know ho work the istream-concat ?

I made a copy of istream-concat, and use to manipulate my encrypted body.

But i got some questions about the stream->pos, stream->skip and position of
the message and pointer to buffer.

My messages have the W= with the email size decrypted, and it is a little
lass that the email size crypto.

For exemple:

I have a email with 6000k in crypto and decrypto the size is 5985 k:

The buffer from istream-concat is 4096, i read 4096 from get_stream_data,
but the result of this read is minor , lets say 4080, but the next read must
be from 4096. The "send to client" must be 4080, to send the correctly data

My Question is, what the variable used in istream-concat, to send the data
to client ? I need to update the stream->pos with my data length ??

I dont know if i made understand my question.....

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