[Dovecot] Saving Sent Messages to Sent Folder

Charles Marcus CMarcus at Media-Brokers.com
Thu Mar 4 15:32:11 EET 2010

Hi Timo,

There was another thread (it has come up at least a few times in the
past few years I've been lurking) on the postfix list about having some
kind of automatic 'Save to Sent' option to avoid the users mail client
from having to upload messages twice (obviously the only ones of concern
are ones with large attachments) - once to send it, and once to save the
copy in the sent folder.

I know and understand that doing this is not generally the job of the
MTA, but hopefully most people can at least admit that there would be a
(potentially huge, in the case of any large company that deals with a
lot of large attachments in their email) savings in bandwidth (and user
frustration) if a way could be found to do this reliably and at little
to no 'cost' in terms of CPU/Disk IO, so I have a question about how
this might be done...

Given: Postfix can be configured to use the Dovecot LDA for delivering
mail incoming.

My question is simply, why wouldn't it be possible to create a Dovecot
LSA ('submission agent'), that could be defined in postfix's master.cf
file, which could then be configured to a) pipe the message to postfix,
and b) if message is successfully sent, save a copy to the users Sent

Obviously, there would be some caveats - ie, postfix and dovecot would
both have to be running on the same box (or at a minimum on the same
local network)...

Anyway, this is just something that really bugs me (and has for many,
many years) every time I send a message with a large attachment, and
have to watch it slowly process the message sending it, then again to
save it to the Sent folder, so Ijust wanted to get your take on if this
is even remotely feasible...


Best regards,


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