[Dovecot] INBOX of a shared namespace appears to be always subscribed

Holger Richter holger.richter at klst.com
Thu Mar 4 16:23:16 EET 2010

In dovecot 1.2.10 I run into the following problem: Our users are  
entitled to share their personal mailboxes. This works. But if user A  
shares any of its mailboxes with user B, then dovecot always reports  
the INBOX of user A as subscribed by user B. No matter whether user B  
really subscribed the INBOX of A, or whether user A permitted user B  
the access to its INBOX. The problem is caused by the repeated call of  
LSUB. Starting with the second call LSUB always shows INBOX as  

To reproduce:
-> telnet imap.xx.yy 143
           1 LOGIN user password
           2 LSUB "" shared/*    => shows shared/UserB/folderXX
           3 LSUB "" shared/*    => shows shared/UserB/INBOX
           4 LSUB "" shared/*    => shows shared/UserB/INBOX

Regards, Holger

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