[Dovecot] Mailing list's prefix

Michael M. Slusarz slusarz at curecanti.org
Thu Mar 4 23:20:50 EET 2010

Quoting Timo Sirainen <tss at iki.fi>:

> Do you think I'd break a lot of people's filters if I removed the
> prefix? :) Anyone strongly for/against removing it? It seems kind of
> annoying to me whenever I happen to think about it.

List-Id has been mentioned as the replacement mechanism by some, but  
the main issue is that it is not immediately viewable (at least with  
any rationally configured MUA) to the user.  Obviously, filtering by  
List-Id is the preferred method, since it has the canonical mailing  
list definition.  However, List-Id filtering does not work in all  

For example, a common situation (at least for me) is someone who  
replies directly to your message from a list instead of to the list  
address.  This will most likely cause that message to end up in your  
INBOX rather than being filtered into the appropriate mailing list  
mailbox.  Having the list name in the Subject can be useful to  
visually filter these incoming messages in your INBOX, rather than  
potentially deleting/marking as spam since often times you may not  
recognize the sender.

FWIW, use of brackets in this manner is sort of a pseudo-standard,  
insomuch as it is an acceptable component of Subject lines with  
respect to threading/sorting pursuant to RFC 5256.


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