[Dovecot] Number of users for one Solr instance

Ernesto Revilla erevilla at yaco.es
Fri Mar 5 15:02:28 EET 2010

Dear all.

(I'm new to the list.)

Our regional government is considering, due to our proposal, migrate
from Courier to Dovecot. 70k mailboxes.

One of the most attractive features for them is the usage of indexes,
and especially Solr FTS plugin.

Their question is:
How many users (range of users) could support one Solr instance used as
index and search backend?

Are there any deployment examples?

I think, it would be easy to split users into different Solr instances,
but it's not that easy to reorganize them, as we have to reindex if one
user is moved from one instance to another.


Yaco Sistemas

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