[Dovecot] force to recalculate quotadict

Andre Hübner andre.huebner at gmx.de
Mon Mar 8 11:43:28 EET 2010


i use working quotasystem with sql-quotadict.
The values stored in db are used to realize also a quotasystem in postfix to 
reject mails if they are bigger then remaining quota.
if dataset in quotadict is missing for some reasons, postfix can't calculate 
quota and mail gets delivered even if user is already over quota.
I am looking for a way to force dovecot/lda to recalculate users 
bytes/messages with command xy and not to wait for incomming mail.

Currently i use:
deliver -d $user -n -m folderwithunspeakablenamesonobodyusesthis
and send a small message which gets lost but starts the calculation.
This works but seems not to be the finest way.
Is there a better way or my current procedure acceptable?


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