[Dovecot] Using MySQL For Mailboxes?

Marcio Merlone marcio.merlone at a1.ind.br
Tue Mar 9 13:23:29 EET 2010

Em 9/3/2010 08:07, Charles Marcus escreveu:
> ???
> You aren't listening. Storing *email* in mysql is a totally different
> concept from storing USER DATA in mysql.
> You do NOT have to switch to dbmail to change your config to start using
> MySQL for managing your user accounts.
> Personally, I would use either MySQL or PostgreSQL for managing my users
> even if I only had 5. But imo, for 25 or more, doing it by hand is nuts.
> For 500?????
> Switch to MySQL for your user management, unless you just like
> ridiculously busy work.

In fact, his original question makes me wonder what he is talking about, 
storing user info or user mailboxes on mysql. People understood storing 

Anyway, a better solution to handle user account information than mysql 
is ldap (which I personally suggest) with pam. This can also handle all 
posix accounts, not just mail accounts, and thus improving consistence. 
I'd use that for any system with more than 3 accounts.

Best regards,

Marcio Merlone

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