[Dovecot] Cannot create auth-master file

Greg Frith gfrith at gmail.com
Tue Mar 9 19:02:09 EET 2010

Hi all,

Thanks to Pascal here for suggesting that I pass the configuration file to the deliver process.  In fact, what I have done is uninstalled the Ubuntu dovecot-postfix package in favour of a 'clearer' postfix, dovecot etc stack of my own.  Having dug a big deeper in various ubuntu forums, it would appear that others have had similar problems with the dovecot LDA reading its configuration from the main rather than -postfix variant of the configuration.

I'll file a bug with Ubuntu.

Thanks for you help.  

Advice for other reading this thread, stick with installing and configuring the individual components yourself!


On 9 Mar 2010, at 16:50, Pascal Volk wrote:

> On 03/09/2010 05:02 PM Greg Frith wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Sorry, I thought a migration to /etc/dovecot/dovecot-postfix.conf would do the trick, but it would appear (after several hours of grappling with a new problem) that 'something' is still reading configuration information from /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf.
>> Essentially I've been having problems getting dovecot to deliver mail to the correct location using mail_location and the 'userdb static' arg parameter.  I finally deduce that no matter what I change I cannot get the mail delivered to the correct location, and in fact, after inserting a load of bogus values, mail would still arrive without problem at /home/vmail/%d/%n/.  It turns out that 'something', I'm guessing maybe /usr/lib/dovecot/deliver is reading configuration from /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf, and not the -postfix.conf variant which I am now trying to maintain.  
>> I've checked the Ubuntu Server documentation for dovecot which makes all references to dovecot.conf and never to dovecot-postfix.conf.  Maybe I should be looking at documentation for the combined postfix/dovecot package, but I haven't found this anywhere.
>> Essentially, can anyone either explain to me how the two files are meant to work in harmony together, or confirm that I won't cause myself any problems further down the line by removing dovecot-postfix.conf?
>> Sorry to bug the list with such amateurish questions :-).
> a) Please file a bug report in the Unbuntu bug tracking system.
> b) in master.cf change:
>      … argv=/path/2/dovecot/deliver -f ${sender} …
>   to:
>      … argv=/path/2/dovecot/deliver -c /path/to/config -f ${sender} …
> Regards,
> Pascal
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