[Dovecot] Howto disable imap listener in dovecot 2.0

Erik Logtenberg erik at logtenberg.eu
Wed Mar 10 18:17:53 EET 2010


How do I disable the imap listener in dovecot 2.0-beta-3? I only want to
enable the imaps listener. In previous dovecot versions I could specify:

prototols = imaps

But in dovecot 2.0 this is no longer possible (imap and imaps are now
both enabled with "protocols = imap"). I already made ssl a requirement

ssl = required

This is in the global section.
I commented out the imap listener in master.conf, but "dovecot -a" still
shows the config for the imap listener, so I suppose it's default

Can I explicitly tell dovecot to not open an imap listener, but only an
imaps listener?

Kind regards,


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