[Dovecot] mogilefs

Robert Schetterer robert at schetterer.org
Wed Mar 10 21:45:53 EET 2010

Am 10.03.2010 20:23, schrieb fernando at dfcom.com.br:
> Hi list,
> Have you ever heard or tried mogilefs? (http://danga.com/mogilefs/)
> Do you think suitable for dovecot/mail environments ?
> Regards,
> Fernando

sounds not ready for mail

MogileFS is not:

    * POSIX Compliant -- you don't run regular Unix applications or
databases against MogileFS. It's meant for archiving write-once files
and doing only sequential reads. (though you can modify a file by way of
overwriting it with a new version) Notes:
          o Yes, this means your application has to specifically use a
MogileFS client library to store and retrieve files. The steps in
general are 1) talk to a tracker about what you want to put or get, 2)
read/write to one of the places it told you you could (it'll pick
storage node(s) for you as part of its load balancing), using HTTP GET/PUT
          o We've prototyped a FUSE binding, so you could use MogileFS
without application support, but it's not production-ready.

Best Regards

MfG Robert Schetterer


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