[Dovecot] Plugin like zlib

Alex Baule alexwbaule at gmail.com
Fri Mar 12 00:33:06 EET 2010

Hi everyone.

I rebuild a plugin, based on zlib plugin.
The changes between this plugin and zlib, is the zlib stuffs is replaced by
open, read, lseek, close.
With "plain-text" files, its works ok.
So, my file is encrypt, and the result from decrypt file is different from
Like zlib, i read from fread the size variable, but the value added in
seek_offset and pos is the result from decrypt, and it can be dfferent from
Like zlib, my file size is different from email. In zlib the file is smaller
than the email. In my file, the file is bigger than the email.

OK, lets go to the problem now.

when the email arrives in the new folder,  by imap, the stat (read my file
by "while (i_stream_emexis_read(stream) > 0)" like zlib) and the seek works
fine....the email is readed and the final stat size is the decrypted size of
my email (smaller than original file).

When I receive the email, clicking in "Send/Receive", The read function is
aborted because the size to read (like zlib) is negative. I put some debug
in my plugin, and print some stuffs about the functions.

Email decryt size =   49556
Email encrypt size = 49568

mail-arrived, is when the email arrives, and it's ok the read.
mail-receive, is when the email is received, and have the error.
maillog is the /var/log/mail

The bigger difference from zlib is the i_stream_zlib_read part....

    do {
        ret = read(zstream->fd ,crypttext, size);
        fprintf(zstream->debug,"DENTRO DA READ RET = %d -- ERRNO = %d -- STR
= |%s|\n", ret, errno, strerror(errno));
        if(ret > 0){
            EVP_DecryptUpdate(&ctx, plaintext, &plain_len, crypttext, ret);
            memcpy(stream->w_buffer + stream->pos , plaintext, plain_len);

            bzero (plaintext, DEFAULT_MAX_BUFFER_SIZE);
            EVP_DecryptFinal(&ctx, plaintext, &plain_len_final);
            memcpy(stream->w_buffer + stream->pos + plain_len , plaintext,
    } while (ret < 0 && errno == EINTR && stream->istream.blocking);

    *retc *=  plain_len + plain_len_final;

    if (ret == 0 ) {
        /* EOF */
        stream->istream.eof = TRUE;
        return -1;

    if (ret < 0) {
        if (errno == EAGAIN) {
            ret = 0;
//      } else {
//          i_assert(errno != 0);
//          stream->istream.stream_errno = errno;
//          return -1;

    fprintf(zstream->debug,"READ RET = %d -- ERRNO = %d -- STR = |%s|\n",
ret, errno, strerror(errno));
    fprintf(zstream->debug,"stream->pos = %d -- zstream->seek_offset =
%d\n", stream->pos, zstream->seek_offset);

    zstream->seek_offset += *retc*;
    stream->pos += *retc*;

    i_assert(ret > 0);

    fprintf(zstream->debug,"READ RET DECRYPT  = %d -- stream->pos = %d --
zstream->seek_offset = %d\n", ret, stream->pos, zstream->seek_offset);
    fprintf(zstream->debug,"********************** FINISH READ

    return *retc;*

The* retc* is the result from decrypt.

In mail-receive file (line 38), there is the error, at some point along the
read/send email, the stream->pos (its returned by i_stream_compress, with
stream->pos -= stream->skip) is changed out from context and the size to
read is negative, but i don't understand why.

Someone can help me find out what happens ?
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