[Dovecot] patch: allow proxy to lookup host by name

Timo Sirainen tss at iki.fi
Fri Mar 12 14:34:18 EET 2010

On 12.3.2010, at 9.22, Martin F. Foster wrote:

> This patch allows the dovecot proxy processes to lookup the destination host by name instead of IP address.  Tested agains 1.2.10, expected to work against 1.2.11.
> Feedback is appreciated, particulary from a security standpoint.

The patch itself looks fine and I don't think there are any security issues, but..

1) I was hoping to avoid changing v1.2.x much anymore. I'm even a bit hopeful that v1.2.11 could be the last v1.2 release (before v2.0.0).

2) v2.0 has solved dns lookups by using a separate dns lookup service.

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