[Dovecot] Design: Asynchronous I/O for single/multi-dbox

Jakob Hirsch jh at plonk.de
Tue Mar 16 10:55:47 EET 2010

Stan Hoeppner, 2010-03-16 08:45:

> Regarding memory usage, on Linux anyway, you should really read this Timo.
> It would be mutually beneficial to Dovecot (and Postfix, and etc).  I've not
> played with it yet, and I don't have a busy server to test it on, but I'm
> betting it would seriously benefit those running servers with hundreds of
> concurrent users.  I'm going to spin this into my next kernel and play with it.

AFAIK, KSM is primarily useful for vservers (xen, kvm etc.) running the
same software. How would running a single instance of dovecot (or any
other daemon) profit by that? AFAICS, "generates many instances of the
same data" does not apply to dovecot (or most other deamons).

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