[Dovecot] INBOX of a shared namespace appears to be always subscribed

Holger Richter holger.richter at klst.com
Tue Mar 16 18:49:52 EET 2010

> On Fri, 2010-03-12 at 12:17 +0100, Holger Richter wrote:
>> I've repeated the tests with LSUB "" *. I think there's a problem with 
>> setting the namespace prefix.
> Before I'll test further.. What do your namespace settings look like in
> dovecot -n output?

Here's the relevant extract of the output of dovecot -n:

# 1.2.10: /etc/dovecot.neu/dovecot.conf
# OS: Linux x86_64  
mail_privileged_group: mail
mail_cache_min_mail_count: 10
mail_plugins: acl imap_acl quota imap_quota trash fts fts_squat listescape
imap_client_workarounds: delay-newmail outlook-idle
  type: private
  separator: /
  location: maildir:/srv/mail.neu/dirs/%u:INBOX=/srv/mail.neu/dirs/%u/.INBOX:INDEX=/srv/mail.neu/meta/%u/index:CONTROL=/srv/mail.neu/meta/%u/control
  inbox: yes
  list: yes
  subscriptions: yes
  type: shared
  separator: /
  prefix: shared/%%u/
  location: maildir:/srv/mail.neu/dirs/%%u:INDEX=/srv/mail.neu/meta/%u/shared/%%u/index:CONTROL=/srv/mail.neu/meta/%u/shared/%%u/control
  list: children
  type: public
  separator: /
  prefix: Mailarchiv/
  location: maildir:/srv/mail.neu/dirs/archive:INDEX=/srv/mail.neu/meta/%u/archive/index:CONTROL=/srv/mail.neu/meta/archive/control
  hidden: yes
  list: children
  type: public
  separator: /
  prefix: public/
  location: maildir:/srv/mail.neu/dirs/public:INDEX=/srv/mail.neu/meta/%u/public/index:CONTROL=/srv/mail.neu/meta/public/control
  list: yes
  quota: maildir
  quota_rule: *:storage=1G
  quota_rule2: Trash:storage=100M
  quota_warning: storage=100%% /usr/local/bin/mailquota 100
  quota_warning2: storage=98%% /usr/local/bin/mailquota 98
  trash: /etc/dovecot.neu/dovecot-trash.conf
  fts: squat
  acl: vfile
  acl_shared_dict: proxy::acl
  acl: mysql:/etc/dovecot.neu/dovecot-dict-sql.conf

I should mention another amazing fact. The   LIST "" *   command shows all mailboxes in all namespaces for which the user has the l(ist) permission but the INBOXES of other users are never listed. But the myrights command shows that the ACLs are correct.


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