[Dovecot] sieve fileinto rule (pigeonhole)

Oliver Eales jester at arcor.de
Wed Mar 17 15:06:50 EET 2010

Stephan Bosch schrieb:
> Oliver Eales wrote:
>> the mailbox gets created but not subscribed to. (I didn't make any
>> difference if i use the :create sieve command or leave or it out)
>> Am i doing something wrong ?
> Not that I can see. I've tested the behavior at my end and all works
> well. Note that the subscription is only performed when the folder is
> actually created, not when it already exists. I must say, if this is
> truly a bug somehow, I am not quite sure how to debug this. You should
> post your dovecot -n output here so that we can check your config. 
Hello Stephan,
sorry for the false alarm. I tried to reproduce it today and everything
was working. No clue what i messed up last time...

Thanks for your help!

Oliver Eales

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