[Dovecot] INBOX of a shared namespace appears to be always subscribed

Holger Richter holger.richter at klst.com
Wed Mar 17 17:59:42 EET 2010

There was an other problem. I forgot to remove the .INBOX  
subdirectories. They were a rudiment of earlier tests. Well, I've  
removed them, and the original problem is resolved. But now I run into  
another trouble. The users cannot subscribe to the inboxes other  
users. The inbox paths in the shared namespace point to the namespace  
prefixes of the users' shared namespace. And they are marked with the  
\Noselect flag. Thus the inboxes are unaccessible via the shared  

BTW, I've set subscriptions=no in the config file, dovecot -n lists  
the subscription parameter only if it was set to yes.


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