[Dovecot] Sendmail + deliver; silent errors.

Daryl Tester dt-dovecot at handcraftedcomputers.com.au
Fri Mar 19 12:50:21 EET 2010

Steffen Kaiser wrote:

> You are using system users?

I believe so.  Running delivery from the command line as the sendmail
user works as it should.

>> *)  The setuid users listed in the wiki kept result in setgid()

> What setuid users?

Sorry, I typed a little hastily.  "setuid user's configuration" -
setting the deliver owner to "vmail:vmail" as listed in
<http://wiki.dovecot.org/LDA/Sendmail> resulted in "setgid(1002(vmail))
failed with euid=1002(vmail), gid=8(mail), egid=8(mail): Operation not

>> When sendmail attempts delivery, I'm getting "deferred: deliver
>> failed with EX_TEMP", but nothing recorded in the log files.  I've
>> embarrassingly widened the permissions of /var/log/dovecot and the

> I changed logging of deliver to syslog for this reason:

Fair enough, but I'm happy to tighten the permissions once I've got
it working;  I just have to get it working first.

> =======
> My definition of local delivery on Debian is:
> dnl -f $g -- sender
> dnl -d $u -- destination user account name
> dnl -m $h -- mailbox to deliver to (+detail part of address)
> dnl -n    -- don't create new mailbox
> dnl -e    -- exit code rather DSN
> FEATURE(`local_procmail', `/etc/mail/smrsh/dovecot-deliver', 
> `/etc/mail/smrsh/dovecot-deliver -e -f $g -d $u')dnl
> sendmail invokes deliver already as the system user, no setuid necessary.

So sendmail and deliver are running as the same user ID?

I'm not sure my mailer definition is an issue here - like I said, if I
wrap the invocation in a shell script or use strace as a mailer (that's
a first for me) it works correctly.  For the record, I'm using:

Mdovecot,   P=/opt/dovecot-1.2.9/libexec/dovecot/deliver, F=lADFMPhnu9,
                S=EnvFromL/HdrFromL, R=EnvToL/HdrFromL,
                A=deliver -d $u

#Mdovecot,   P=/tmp/strace, F=lADFMPhnu9,
#               S=EnvFromL/HdrFromL, R=EnvToL/HdrFromL,
#               T=DNS/RFC822/X-Unix,
#               A=strace -o /tmp/strace.log /opt/dovecot-1.2.9/libexec/dovecot/deliver -d $u

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