[Dovecot] Post Login Script in 2.0

Mark Moseley moseleymark at gmail.com
Sat Mar 20 02:54:56 EET 2010

Been digging through the list archives but I didn't see anything about
this specifically. I've been playing with trying to get the post-login
script stuff working with 2.0 (tried with a mercurial checkout from
today and one I had kicking around from a few days ago), mainly to run
the courier conversion script after logins. I'm using the 'executable'
arg in 'service pop' and 'service imap' and I've tried with and
without "drop_priv_before_exec=yes". I've just been using the test
script mentioned in the wiki that dumps the environment to a file in
/tmp and then execs libexec/imap or libexec/pop.

The script specified in 'executable' is definitely getting executed
just fine and logins work just fine. When it executes though, they're
getting just the basic environment, as opposed to the environment that
shows up in 1.2.11 full of various MAIL*/NAMESPACE*/etc variables. And
I see in strace output that there's no batch of env vars getting
passed around anymore, even when dovecot invokes libexec/imap or
libexec/pop directly. Is there a setting that tells the dovecot
process to fork the post-login script with the fully populated set of
environment variables? Or alternatively, in the 2.0 world, is the idea
to get that info out of the /var/run/dovecot/config socket? If so, is
there an example somewhere?

I can post my configs, but I figured that since this is a conceptual
problem, I might as well ask first without pasting a few pages of
"dovecot -a" output :)

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