[Dovecot] Public Folder for mailinglist with deliver

Sebastian Heil sebi at wh-netz.de
Sun Mar 21 23:11:54 EET 2010

Hello Everybody,

I'm looking for a nice way to implement the following:
We are running a mail server for system users who are having their own
mailbox. Now there's the idea to subscribe for a few mailinglists which
are then available for the user per shared/public folder. So they can
simply subscribe and unsubscribe with their MUA. For every mailinglist
subscription there should exist an own email account with own mail

The namespaces are already working (in a test environment).

But I haven't found any implementation to realize this nicely with deliver.

The possiblities I'm thinking about are:
-create a somewhere in userdb a passwd entry for each mailinglist email
address with the corresponding directory
-create a static userdb entry, but then deliver cannot check if an email
address/mailbox exists.

I think both ideas aren't a good implementation. So I'm asking you for
help. Has someone a similar setup or a little idea how to make this work
with deliver.

Thanks in advance

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