[Dovecot] 2.0.beta3 imapd running hot

Bernhard Schmidt berni at birkenwald.de
Mon Mar 22 19:13:43 EET 2010

On 21.03.2010 15:17, Timo Sirainen wrote:


>> strace -p<pid>  shows a repeating pattern of
>> epoll_wait(8, {{EPOLLOUT, {u32=36560672, u64=36560672}}}, 5, 4872) = 1
>> gettimeofday({1269133967, 495298}, NULL) = 0
>> gettimeofday({1269133967, 495333}, NULL) = 0
>> gettimeofday({1269133967, 495370}, NULL) = 0
> So nothing else? It looks like some function is being called over and
> over again that "you can write more data to client", but the function
> then does nothing.

No, nothing else (I could see).

>> Attaching gdb shows the following backtrace:
> It would be helpful to find out what the I/O function is that is being
> called. For example:

I'll try to get your debug output.

I'm pretty sure it's related to the imap_zlib plugin, I haven't had one 
single problem since I disabled it. I'll reenable and go tracing.


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