[Dovecot] Dovecot-1.2 + Sieve + Managesieve on Debian

Stan Hoeppner stan at hardwarefreak.com
Tue Mar 23 03:31:43 EET 2010

Papp Tamas put forth on 3/22/2010 9:18 AM:
> On Mon, Mar 22, 2010 at 03:07:26PM +0300, Proskurin Kirill wrote:
>> Hello!
>> I think about migrate from FreeBSD to Linux because I need DRBD for 
>> clustering.

"Need?" There are many paths to high availability, DRDB is but one.  You
could stick with BSD and implement an NFS server for shared mailbox storage.
 NFS is very popular for this purpose, widely deployed, well understood, and
supportable.  I'd guess there are many users on this list using shared NFS

You could also install an inexpensive iSCSI SAN storage box and use a
cluster file system such as GFS for mailbox storage, although I don't know
if GFS is available for BSD.

Given the ubiquity of NFS, I'd recommend you stick with BSD for now and
build a reliable NFS server for mailbox storage.  You will be able to get
ample assistance here and around the web for this setup.  Dovecot has built
in locking support for NFS storage.  It can be done inexpensively as well,
thanks to Ebay:


This is but an example, as this seller doesn't ship to Hungary.  I'm sure
you can find something similar to build your NFS server upon.


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